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Our purpose is to provide a safe and affirming space for the students we serve at Colorado State University, while supporting systemic change to end all forms of oppression within our community.

      Now accepting applications for 2016-2017 student staff. Interviews happen on a rolling basis. Application closes February 5th. Apply now!



    • Men in the Movement

      Men in the Movement is a group of CSU male-identified students who believe that ending gender violence is going to involve everyone! We know that most men do not commit gender violence but rarely do we as men actively speak against it. We need to start asking more from ourselves and more from our fellow men if we want to create a community where everyone can feel safe and welcome.

    • Consent Turns Me On

      Women's Conference Proposals now open!


      Want to present at a conference? Looking for a professional development opportunity a resume filler?
      Want to start a conversation with your peers? Consider applying to present at the Women's Conference!



      Congratulations to our graduating class of Red Whistle Brigade! (From left) Cody, Emily, Marie, Lena, and Karissa! You will be missed.


    • WGAC's New YouTube Channel

      Check out the rest of the Ram Orientation 2014 Understanding Consent presentation here:


    • Relationship Violence Awareness

      Almost a third of college students have been in an abusive relationship. And 57% of college students say it’s difficult to identify. That’s because we often imagine abuse as extreme physical instances occurring primarily in marriage relationships. Check out our very own Red Whistle Brigade as they spread awareness about relationship violence.

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  • Relationship Violence Awareness